Thursday, March 1, 2012

What is the Apiary Fund

So what is the Apiary Fund?  Well let's start with an email reply that we replied to as a result of a post on a Linked In Group.  So here is the reply......and then we will add an additional comment below that.

Hi Jacob,
This email reply will also be posted on the group post……sans the prices.  It’s not my place to post things that they have the right to do or not to do.

Apiary charges $995 to join up and that purchases the software (ProForm Robot) and all of the set up and training.  In addition, the month after, they charge a continuing fee of $97 per month which covers data, continuing education, upgrades and server time etc.

Now they pay out 60% to 85% to us from our monthly profits on our accounts, so the $97 per month may seem annoying to some, but all they are trying to do is to establish some fairness and at the same time maintain the high pay outs to us.  Some of us do not need continuing education, although personally I enjoy it.  But then again a new trader just starting out will need many months if not years of refresher type training until they fully grasp the concept of trading and become more efficient with their trading.

Personally I would much rather pay the $97 per month then have them decrease the commission structure levels to cover the costs.  And besides, how much do we normally pay for data feeds and exchange fee’s……certainly much, much higher than the small monthly fee.

And here is something to consider as well.  Some of us come in as experienced traders and we can just about start running with their program.  And some of the higher accounts can be much more than most traders would ever be able to trade on their own anyway.  But let’s consider a new trader.  The top traders in the fund teach us to make $100 a day.  That’s it!  And that is the goal from the perspective of using a regular sized lot size of $10 per pip……..and yes that means their $100 a day is actually a goal of 10 pips a day.

What they are doing by teaching this is to show the average person that they can do it.  It’s an achievable daily goal and as their account sizes grow……which the funds come from Apiary, not your profits……well then the work required would remain constant and your profits would increase because of lot size.

Now I don’t know about you but I don’t think there are any prop shops that would even let you get away with 10 pips a day…..and you are never held responsible for losses on your account.  It’s their money, it’s their fund which is privately held and they control the risk.  So there is no additional burden on your shoulders.

So let’s take a brand new trader just starting out trading Forex.  In order to start trading they would normally require $2,500 in order to start an account.  And I am sure they may be able to do it for less, but as an average, it’s about $2500.  Seeing that about 95% of new traders will blow up their first account….we can just about take it for granted that the $2,500 will become what we consider tuition payments to the market.

But what if they joined Apiary instead?  If you add the initial fee and the monthly fee’s and let’s say it took them 5 or 6 months to get to a point where they could make 10 pips per day, they are still way under the $2,500 that they needed to open their own account.  And Apiary would most likely start them out with a $2,500 account,……money that Apiary provides…..and if they made 10 pips a day with a mini lot size of .10, they would not only cover their monthly fee, they would also have money left over.  Oh yeah….and the trader is not held responsible for any losses on the account.

And Apiary wants to get all their traders up to the higher account sizes as quickly and prudently as possible.  So if a new trader was trading a $2,500 account and they proved that they could handle it…..well then one day they will be given a $5,000 account…..and then a $10,000 account.  That’s not from the traders profits…’s Apiary funds.  So how long would it take a new trader to get his $2,500 account up to $10,000?  Well personally I think it would be quite a long time.

So whether the trader is brand new or a seasoned trader……Apiary is a great opportunity and one that I am very happy that I came across.  I trade when ever I want….from my home…..and my daily targets that they recommend…..are way smaller than my own.  I trade my own account side by side and the most important thing is that I learned an incredible amount about money and risk management…..that I had all wrong for many years.

Whether an account of $2,500 or one of $250,000…’s their money and not yours…..and you are not responsible for the losses on the account!!!  So a scam…….no way……not even a possibility and I know it for a fact personally!!!!  A great opportunity for any trader but especially a new trader…..absolutely!!!!

If you or anyone else would like more information you can contact me directly through Linked In, we can discuss via Skype…..or you can just go to Apiary’s site and contact them.

I wish you the very best in your trading endeavors!!

Dave W
Note: since I first posted this item....Apiary gave me the okay to post the prices so they have been re-inserted in the email above.

Well on this blog we intend to do reviews of various products and companies and I was intending to do a review of Apiary and in fact may still do one.  But what prompted this reply was the word "scam" in a post that was obviously online. 

That word scam is used every where and while doing due diligence on a company we usually enter it as a keyword or part of the keyword group.  Bloggers and marketers even use that word to attract people to their sites.  Now understanding websites or blogs....I know exactly why they do that.  But the average person doesn't usually pick up on it very quickly.

Now before I joined Apiary, I did my due diligence and some of that was online and reviewing forum comments.  And some of those comments made me laugh......and some really ticked me off.  

It is so easy to smack on a scam label on a service or company......and yet if you read the forum posts you would immediately understand that the person talking was a newbie or a very inexperienced individual.

But I get mad because when someone says....oh it's a scam.....they scare off great people who could have changed there lives for the better.....if they continued looking into the company and actually joined forces with them.  And the final decision should be theirs as well.

In this particular case......I joined Apiary in November of 2011.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the training and I am blown away with the great people and traders involved with the company.  Are there any negatives....well yes there are but being a business owner, I fully understand what they are going through.

So what are the negatives?  Well here they are...... sometimes when you call you get voice mail and they may take a while to get back to you.  And if you email them....depending on who you email, it may be a while before you get a reply.

So why is that?  Well last I heard they were approaching 500 traders who are now part of Apiary.  These are traders from all over the globe.....and a lot of them are new to trading.  And that means their growth is going through the roof.....and it should.  

So if you can imagine what it is like answering questions from a huge base of new traders on a daily basis.....and inquiries from even more traders who want more information on the company......well it can really over power you quickly.

Like I said....I am a business owner and I fully understand how things can get out of hand quickly as you are building a business.  But that should actually be considered a great thing when looking at a company.  If they are growing fast there is usually a really good reason for that.

And they are adding more experienced traders to help with the training sessions and more customer support people on a very aggressive pace.  So the only negatives about the company that I can see.....will most likely disappear in a very short amount of time.

But I am more interested in the positives.  I have been with them for a few months and I have spoken with some of the folks for quite a while via telephone and I am telling you......I love these guys.  To me, this is the very best thing that I have done with my trading career.

And the biggest thing that I have gotten from Apiary so far has come from their training.  You see most guru's teach you indicators and a specific trading style or method and let you know "this is the best".  Well Apiary will teach you indicators and various methods so that you are well rounded.....but money management and risk management is the key.  And learning that from successful traders who have already done very well for themselves is so important.

My view of money and risk management has turned my trading objectives around 180 degrees.  And now I know exactly why so many traders just never get near the success that they have always dreamed of.....or they quit.

So if you want to learn how to want to learn how to manage money like a pro......well then you ought to look at the Apiary fund.

And don't are trading their money.  You could have an account from $2,500.....up to $250,000 and perhaps more.  And you will be trading for people who have your very best interest in mind.....because it's mutually rewarding for all parties.  The more you make....the more they make....and even when you get to the highest levels......they still win because you will never leave them at that point and they will have in turn a very steady return on their money.

Check them out......and I would be happy to share with you more information via Skype should you be interested in joining forces with The Apiary Fund.  Or you can fill in a comment on our Contact Us page that includes your email address and I will get back to you.  And don't worry.....that just emails me the it won't be posted on the web unless you wanted it to be and I approve it!

Thanx and as always......I wish you the very best in your trading endeavors!!!!


  1. Totally agree about the training, for a beginner it's brilliant, and the more experienced traders I'm training with also seem to be getting a lot out of it. Much better than I expected, it's live training rather than being sent a load of docs or whatever and you can ask questions. The guys teaching seem to know a lot, they never seem stumped by any questions.

  2. So what do u think about thr proform robot software?

    1. There are certainly quite a few robots out there. Apiary's robot is there is quite a bit of data being used to come up with the alerts and signals. And of course you can select any time frame or market for the robot to monitor. Some of the traders use it a lot...and some of the traders don't use it at all.

      So it is a personal thing. My own experience is that I run it along side my own system, which is still being fine tuned. Sometimes the robot gives me a signal before my system, but most often I either just got in or just decided not to take the trade when I get a signal.

      Every system has it's pro's and con's......but on balance a trader should be able to do quite well with the Apiary robot.

      But of course the trader is responsible for the ultimate outcome. Discipline, money management and following the rules is still paramount.....and no shortcuts.

      Thanx for the question Anonymous......we appreciate your feed back!